$50,000 for hospital bills    $60,000 for credit card debt    $60,000 for minorities    $50,000 for college education    $35,000 to complete high school education    $100,000 for entrepreneurs    $80,000 for women owned businesses    $35,000 to attend private school    $50,000 woman minority grant    $30,000 for child care expenses    $40,000 for school teachers    $80,000 for non-profit private schools  

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Free Grants are available for almost any purpose.

Free cash grants are being funded by the U.S. Government and private foundations. These grants are funded from your tax dollars. The private foundations use the grants as a tax write-off! This free government money can be used for any purpose you can imagine. Start a business, go to college, buy a house, pay medical bills  or even personal needs.

There are 1,498 Government Grant Programs administered by 56 different Federal Agencies! Your share of these grants is waiting now and we want to help you acquire the grant you need. Here is a small sample of current grant allotments.
Small Business Grants $151.3 Billion   Women's grants $ 98.4 Billion
Housing Grants  $145.2 Billion   Minority Grants $ 56.2 Billion
Personal Grants $ 92.1  Billion   Research grants $ 95.2 Billion
Student Grants  $ 85.3  Billion   Non profit Grants  $102.2 Billion


Here is a small sample of the business related grants. You can get up to $250,000.

-Business Startup Grant -Grants for technology -Patent Registration
-Patent Protection -Community Grants -Infrastructure Funding
-Business Expansion Grant -Acquisition Grants -Business Grants for Women
-Non-profit Organizations -Legal Expenses ....and much more!

Here is a small sample of the education related grants. You can get up to $50,000.

-Primary School -Study Abroad -Medical School
-Undergraduate School -Nursery School -Nursing School
-Secondary School -Business Management -Private School
-Graduate School -Computer Science ....and much more!

Here is a sample of the personal grants available . You can get up to $130,000.

-Home Purchase -School Supplies -New Car
-Home Repair -Real Estate Taxes -Groceries
-Mortgage Payments -Child Care -Medical Bills
-Rent -Utility Bills -Legal Services
-Consumer Debt -Fuel / Clothing ....and much more!

Most people do not even know that the U.S. Government will distribute over $290 billion to small businesses and individuals this year. This grant money requires no repayment , no special qualifications, no collateral, and is available to you TODAY!

If you are thinking of starting or expanding a business, this information is vital. Did you know Ross Perot started his first company with FREE Government Grant money? Or that Amazon. COM, Ameritrade and Ritz Camera all received money to start or expand their businesses? The U.S. Government knows small business is essential to our economy.

Each Day Over $1,000,000,000 in free grant money is given away to people just like you for a wide variety of business and personal needs. Get your share of these exciting government grants today!!
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